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img_0452In 2008, fulfilling more than 20 years experience with dogs, we made a very modern set of kennels for small animals.

Our establishment is   in ideal setting of 11,000 meters 26 kilometers from Thessaloniki (the old Thessaloniki – Serres national road) in the district of Assiros.   It operates under the name of GIAPPOS KENNELS with license Number 13/14649 P.E.

At present 24 separate kennels for dogs are ready and in use, while with the completion of the structures 144 kennels will be in use, making our establishment the biggest most modern centre for boarding dogs in Greece.

The establishment in entirely constructed with panels of the highest quality from the most specialized Italian company for the construction of kennels – DOGBOX. I.T.

Each apartment consists of a night area  2m x 2m =4m² which communicates  through a guillotine flap with a separate covered day area 2m x 3m = 6m².  These dimensions ensure a comfortable stay for all breeds of dogs.

9dc7558aThe floor is covered with a factory made surface which can easily be cleaned and disinfected.  The aluminum doors prevent the dogs from seeing along the central passage, ensuring the complete absence of stress which is found in traditional  kennels. They  open with special latches as used in ships which cannot be opened by the dogs and therefore an automatic water system ensures the dogs have access to fresh drinking water whenever they are thirsty.  The stainless steel mouth pieces is the healthiest and most modern solution for giving water. We know that by using dog bowls for giving water can cause bacteria to collect if particles of food accumulate.

In each dog apartment there is an electricity supply for warm lamp incubators for the winter seasons and in the event that we have a female dog staying to give birth.

We have installed yellow spot lights around the kennels to drive away insects during the summer.

We feed all our animal friends on a high quality super premium Canadian food NUTRAM, however if a dog has special dietary needs under the advice from a vet we do allow you to supply as with the food.

Our kennels have a very strict cleaning program daily using hospital type disinfectants and fungicides to prevent the spread of germs.

IMG_0426Apart from the main areas there are eight exercise yards which measure 7.5m x 10m totaling 75m² with each having a small closed kennel 2m x 2m x 2m. The yards are large so that your dog can have a sense of freedom and are ideal for rearing puppies.  The entrance to each yard has large gates, which split in the middle to avoid the fear of a small dog or puppy leaving without understanding, as they tend to follow the person caring for them.

We have transport to collect and deliver your dogs but please booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

We have no doubt that when we designed and made our kennels we considered two vital things SAFETY and COMFORT.

Listed below are the lists of things we will provide for our customers in the near future:

1) We have provided the possibility of the dog owners to see their pets while staying with us via the internet.

2)  Swimming pool for fun and exercise

3)  Customer refreshment vicinities

4)  Rooms for dog owners

5) Special kennels for cats.

PLEASE NOTE : That new customers are welcome to come to visit our kennels before they decide to allow their pets to stay with us in order that your mind is put to rest the your pet will be well take care of while staying with us.


We look forward to you visiting us.

Any request or suggestions – contact us

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